Teeth Whitening in
Trumbull, Connecticut

Is it time to revitalize your smile? At Trumbull Premier Dental, we offer professional teeth whitening treatment to patients in Trumbull. Schedule a free consultation with our cosmetic dental professionals to learn more!

Teeth Whitening in Trumbull, Connecticut

Millions of people use professional teeth whitening treatments to brighten their teeth and improve the look of their smiles. Darkened and yellowed teeth typically occur when a person’s naturally white tooth enamel has become increasingly transparent over time. This causes more of the inner yellow dentin material to be exposed, and the teeth appear more yellow. With professional teeth whitening, we can eliminate this internal staining and enhance the patient’s smile overall.

Most home remedies for teeth whitening only cover up the darkened material, thereby masking the problem. But professional whitening treatments actually attack the issue at the source, making the teeth naturally brighter instantaneously. The teeth continue to remain brighter and shinier for a long period, and the patient will be able to show off their smile with confidence.

Teeth discoloration has many causes, including:

  • Certain foods and drinks
  • Tobacco use
  • Wear and tear on teeth
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Oral injury
  • Aging and genetics

At Trumbull Premier Dental, we feature the Zoom and KoR teeth whitening brands, as well as our own in-hour teeth whitening products. These teeth-whitening substances consist of a special whitening gel that is applied directly to the patient’s teeth. The gel is then activated to produce specialized oxygen ions that enter the dentin that exists inside the teeth. The gel will then break down any interior staining, while still keeping the structure of the teeth intact. This will make the exterior surfaces appear naturally white.

All of the teeth whitening products we offer are highly effective, and they do an excellent job of improving a patient’s smile. The process is very comfortable for the patient, and they will experience virtually no discomfort during the procedure. In most cases, the entire process is completed in under an hour. Just one treatment can leave teeth up to eight shades whiter. Many patients receive their desired results are just one treatment.

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Nena H.

Dr. Su is excellent, professional, friendly, and painless! Great dental technicians and office staff also. I highly recommend them!

Lusi S.

Dr. Su is very nice, and procedures are very painless. Office staff are very pleasant and helpful. Always have a great cleaning experience as well. Recommend to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Michael T.

I was so impressed with there scheduling and professionalism. In addition the work they did on my teeth. I broke my front tooth, they were able to squeeze me in and fix it the same day. I highly recommend Trumbull Premier Dental!
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